Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My opsaa face...

 My basic oopppsaaa face is on. You could almost stick me with the needle and I would get empty like a balloon on this photo... I get it when I realize that I have forgotten to do something and I already have too many things on my to do -list but too little time for them - then I remember that I still have 3 more exams to do before the exam I have been preparing myself... Oh shit. And those exams are hard, they consist of 20op's and they really take time from my real work... I think that I´m screwed now. If I don´t get in this year, I will really not do any uni studies next spring so that I can just concentrate on the most important thing to me. I would really really want to study the basic clinical medicine and homeopathy, not biomedicine that I´m studying now. I want to help patients on different level I´m helping now. I don´t want to do the research for medicine and be the specialist in translational medicine, I mean I like it, but my dream has always been to be a doctor and help people, go to developing countries and help people there with no profit and help to identify people who were buried in mass graves during wars. Maybe that way I could help my family finding our yet missing relatives, my uncles etc... + I really want to be that kind of doctor who is not recommending just pharmaceutical medicines but who would be able to give alternative treatments like homeopathy etc. I´m in panic now... I don´t have enough time.

I had my security trainig today at Sokos Hotel and we got really good breakfast, lunch and dessert from Fransmanni. Now I just have to go back to chill with my books again and plan my trip to Helsinki this weekend and Vappu. :)


  1. Sun vaan pitää tehdä parhaasi ja olla lannistumatta, vaikkei onnistuisikaan. 8 kertaa on enimmillään (Kuopion) lääkikseen yritetty. Itse kanssa kallistun päivä päivältä enemmän sinne suuntaan, että haluan toimia kliinisen lääketieteen parissa, mieluumin vaikka terveydenhoitajanakin kuin vaikka asiantuntijatehtävissä. Mutta on tää ihan jees back up plan.

    Mullakin on BIOPE uhkaavasti vielä läpäisemättä, 10 op....

  2. Juuu :/ mulla se biopen kakkososio ois kans, ja 2 fysiologian kurssiaki. Mutsa tuntuu et toisen meen ainakin suoraan uusintaan tekee ja toivon et näis kahes muussaki ois se UK mahdollisuus viel tän vuoden puolel... :/
    en kyl tiiä onko ...