Saturday, July 21, 2012

When two makes one

Last weekend was absolutely fantastic. It consisted of grilling, laughing, taking care of my pine cone, fixing a bike, watching the other "cone" skate, sleeping and a lots of smiles. It really was one of the best weekends this summer. I also got one wooden diamond<3 It was so nice to see everybody again after a while. I´m very disappointed when talking about some of my other friends but sometimes you just can´t "help" them. At least I have always known that if you really want to do something don´t wait just do it. If you instead of doing start waiting for other people to be ready- nothing will be done. At least that´s one way of separating the chaff of the grains. I know what I want and I won´t wait for others to go back and forth till the zero hour.

Yesterday I went to Helsinki with my sister Elvira. We took a train at 7 am and came back to Mikkeli at 8 pm. On our way there were really... krhmm odd passengers. We headed to CIAO coffee for breakfast. I had already forgotten how good croissants are with orange juice and latte. After a refreshing moment we decided to start shopping before I had my appointement. After that we went to Vapiano to eat some pizza. After getting our bellies full it was time to continue shopping. After the job was done it was time to go to Tuomikirkko and chill on the stairs while sun was shining down on us. This was definitely one of the best trips with Elvira. It was really nice to hang out with her and joke :) Now I have to go to work! Caoo!

ps. I have tickets to Pipefestival, can´t wait for it !
...Herminica :)

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  1. Moi! :) Mitkä sun suunnitelmat lääkistä ajatellen on? :) Hyvää kesää!

  2. Nice pics!
    I'm browsing your blog and I think that you are beautiful and your blog is very inspire :D
    I decided to follow u :)