Monday, July 30, 2012

Ready, steady, GO!

It´s raining now. I´m at Tampere, waiting for tomorrow to come. A bit excited, thrilled, happy and a little bit fearful- those are the words I could use to describe you my feelings. Elvira is coming here too. I came already last Wednesday. If you wonder why have I changed the name of my blog the answer is simple: I decided to make a blog with my sister Elvira, All my previous posts are here too. The name is now Lolim Te- It´s one way of saying Volim Te. It means "I love you" in bosnian language. I will always put a label with my own name Herminica on my posts and Elvira will do exactly the same on her own ones. As you can see I began my strip as any other morning- by making myself a big smoothie. After that I had to pack everything, take my eggplants and paprikas with me and head to the train. I met there one pretty puppy that wanted to play with me and my luggage... :) Arttu, Iida and Eemeli came to pick me up from the station, because I had to leave that pink bag there before going to Pipefest... ;)


1 comment:

  1. The name of your blog is great :)
    Sounds and looks good :D
    I have "imagination beat" blog and now I'm thinking about new name.. your is very good ;)
    I hope that I will have cool name as yours :D