Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weekend at Stockholm

I haven't been posting the whole summer. The reason for that is that I just did not have anything to say. Mostly I just slept and worked. It wasn't much of a summer for me, I should say. Luckily I did get some rest when we visited Croatia and Bosnia in the end of August, but more about that trip in another post.

This weekend I went to Stockholm with my parents. It was just a one day trip, but it was still enough to get us on a holiday mood. We walked around the city the whole day, visited gift shops, sat at cute little cafeterias, walked in parks and of course went shopping! It was quite a long day after sleeping only couple of hours the night before, but it was worth it! And the beauty of the city kept us awake.

One good side in Stockholm is that there are lot of people from ex Yugoslavia. In Finland there is not so much of us, and I rarely run into people who speak our language. Actually I never ran into them unless they belong to my family. But in Stockholm we saw lot of people who spoke the same language as we. It was quite funny actually, because we were so not used to hearing other people speak our language that we couldn't help our selves from staring! All I could think was "wow, you are one of us! Did you notice that I am too?" Sounds quite sad actually.

Yesterday we spent the whole day at Ikea and few items ended up in my apartment too. I got few new pillows, a standard lamp, a vase and a new laundry bag (since I am finally getting a washing machine!). I also bought two new picture frames and the new project is to get them filled with something. I already have couple of ideas and I can't wait to get started :).

Ps. I lost the fight against mainstream and  finally joined instagram! You can find me there under a name of eeevij.

- evi

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