Monday, June 22, 2015

EUROTRIP 2014 Part 1/5: Dubrovnik, chapter 1

Dubrovnik, true pearl of Adriatic sea, once capital of maritime Republic of Ragusa. We are talking about one of the best preserved medieval cities, that belonged also to our home land, Yugoslavia. This time we flew directly to Dubrovnik where our parents and relatives were already waiting for us. We were so happy to arrive there, to smell that familiar and so dear salty and warm mediterranean air and to feel that warmth on our skin. We hopped in a car and drove to Lapad peninsula, where we stayed and where our relatives lived. Many of the photos above are directly taken from their garden or the beautiful streets in Lapad. Flowers, scents, relaxed happy people, friendly cats and hot limestone everywhere around you. I call that paradise!

Every early (we tend to wake up at 7 am) morning started with a hot bosnian coffee, breakfast and fruits (you name it) that were picked from the garden just minutes ago. We all gathered by one big table in their garden and woke up slowly by chatting, drinking coffee and orange juice, limunada and different food choices; something fresh from the bakery next door, eggs in different forms, veggies and fruits in all colours. We heard their pet cat demanding his breakfast to be served every morning, Abid talked a lot with us and shared his stories about local happenings, recent gossips and his life while his wife watered the garden every day for many hours. Soon it was time to put on bikinis and head to the beach to start a day with a refreshing walk and swim after that. Our days were made of swimming and talking, eating and drinking, more swimming and laughing. The water was so clear and warm, yet refreshing and the sun shone and made us more alive minute by minute.

It was so nice to just swim for many hours, look for the sea urchins and eat your meals by the sea, read or listen to the music. Freshly baked tosca pie, watermelon, home made almond cookies... there was always something good waiting for us after a long day at the beach and coast line. We were really pleased to spend our days there in such a calm and beautiful place with very dear people. So dear, that when it was already time to pack up our car they and we all cried for goodbye. It is always so good to see your family but hard to leave them all once again till the next time.

- Herminica

Ps: Dubrovnik, chapter 2 is knocking on the door... ;)

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