Wednesday, June 24, 2015

EUROTRIP 2014 Part 2/5: Dubrovnik chapter 2

Dubrovnik is so much more than just a city next to the Adriatic sea. It has so much to offer both historically and emotionally. It usually wins over a piece of your heart whether you are a adventurer, sailor, night life lover, photographer, sunbather, swimmer Game Of Thrones fan or freak about history. Old town of Dubrovnik is simply beautiful, not only is it old but it is also really well preserved despite of all wars it has also gone through in its long long looong history. Old town is also listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites (there are many others found all over former Yugoslavia if someone is interested). During the second World War our relative Abid was actually imprisoned in the dungeons located in the walls of the old town.

We thought it would be nice to wake up early as we tend to do usually on our vacations and head directly to the old town after a breakfast. We made sure to eat and drink well to have enough energy and to keep our bodies hydrated. Swimming was not an option in the old town for us because of the a bit hazardous cliff beaches. Local people who live in the old town do swim there but it is not a place we recommend to normal tourists, not even if you consider yourself as good swimmers... Our dad has no problems to swim in there neither, he has after all a lifeguard in his young adulthood at places like this too. Local people also know where there are cliffs under the water and how the streams act so that is one big advantage.

Walls and the entire old town were amazing. Because we headed there so early there were no other "tourists". We also got a discount for "locals" which was a really nice thing for students. Views were just amazing, the sun shone the entire time and my camera got literally almost overheated from my trigger sensitive finger. Time passed by so quickly in admiring everything around us, drinking and goofing around. At one point we noticed that we were not sweating anymore, which meant only one thing: dehydration. We needed to get down from the walls to get water but it was a bit too late. Muscles in our legs thought they've had enough... It was so painful to get down all those limestone stairs, I had to do dip-push ups all the way down... :D A bit of a workout it was to my arms too!

After our time in Dubrovnik it was time to say goodbye to Abid and his family and head to meet our other family who lived 4 km's from the old town, already in Bosnia-Herzegovina's side ina little village called Ivanica. They have this really nice and big villa there, and you can sea the sea from the terrace. We were so happy to see all them again, especially our beautiful cousin Lejla, she had grown up so much since we last saw here! I mean, she is so beautiful and kind, has such a loving heart just as her other family members. We ate good local home made food, got home made red wine to take with us and talked... One definite plus when traveling with your parents is when you can gather together with your entire family and relatives and just spend that quality time without any discomforts, laughing, yelling and having fun. :)
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- Herminica

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