Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Books, picnics and balcony

I came just back from work. I have to go back there on tomorrow morning. You can see what I´ve been doing theese days. It has been really nice, calm and rainy. Right now my legs are really sore and I should already sleep so that I could wake up early. I´m really excited because my parents and Sabina are going abroads on Friday. :) It will be really nice to live here together with Elvira and at the same time get ready for our own trip on August. :) My midsummer was little short... :D First I had to work, then travel and when arrived we managed to celebrate only few hours before falling asleep... :D I´m so sad that Saturday was so clowdy that we couldn´t even go to the beach :( At least we watced movies. Ok now I really have to go to greet my bed. Laku noch :)

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