Thursday, June 14, 2012

Elvisa's and Jenna's graduation

Elvisa and her little brother Elvir. (My cousins )




Yes you can see how it was from the photos. We has a great time at Elvisa's party on Saturday. We ate and had fun together with the family and friends. The cakes were really delicious and Elma had made them. I love her cooking skills. We were all so happy and the dogs were very much like "wtf is happening here?" haha. After that I went to the club with my cousins, sisters and friends. It was so nice to see everybody, dance and chitchat. On Sunday it was Jenna's turn to be in the middle of attention. It was really nice to go there too (even if I has slept only for 4 hours... ehmm). She was so beautiful too. This was definitely one of the greatest weekends this summer + I ate many yummy cheese cakes...(my favorites) :) It didn´t even rain that much and it was nice to dress up a little bit! 


  1. Jaoo divne ste cure :D
    Nego mozes li mi pls reci gdje ste ti i sestra ti kupile ove haljine...yellow & pink. Odlicne su :)

  2. iz Gina Tricot :)! i jesu vala<3 svidjaju nam se objema<3

  3. mikskä tuo sun serkkus valmistu, kun en nähny lakkia? :)

  4. Siitä tuli lähihoitaja vaikkei se sellaseks tainnu haluta :D! seuraavaks menee AMK:hon hän :)

    1. Okei, haha :D Meinaako vaihtaa alaa siis? :)

  5. Hei, miten sun pääsykoe meni?? Tai siis kuopioon kai hait?? Toivottavasti pääsit!!