Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week in Helsinki

I was in Helsinki a few weeks ago. I stayed at Minna's place in Etelä-Haaga (she has rented it from Joonas for summer). I met many of my friends during the week. It was nice to go shopping many times with them all. I bought shoes, that top you see on me, another top, two shorts, trousers... etc :) I will take pictures of them too when I have time. We visited many nice cafés every day, my favourite is and will be Vapiano. The Hugo drink (the one you see next to the Pizza) in there was the one I had to get every day... oopsa :D. I have always liked it a lot. Jaava café, Arnolds, Robert´s coffee etc... we visited so many. It was so nice to buy some ice cream or curd to go and sit outside at Esplanadi park or Lasipalatsi. We went also to Bassline, visited Mbar, Henry's pub and Kokomo bar many time. The worst drink ever was the one made of Pesto... Don´t try it. 

 I hate the sea gulls that Helsinki really has to offer for everybody living on this planet. It didn´t even occur to my mind that I could hate birds like that, I hate the sounds they make and the way they try to steal your meal. It´s in common in many other cities too but I think Helsinki is the worst.

We went to the cinema to watch the movie called "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" with Henna. It was really good and I could recommend it to you too. The one thing I was really excited for was my trip to Korkeasaari. I like animals so much and I was really excited of seeing them! :) 

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