Friday, June 1, 2012


I decided to make a list about things I want to experience during this summer and a list about my plans and wishes... :) I know that I can´t have everything and many things will happen that I can´t even guess know.

- I want to be happy and smile a lot 
- I wish the sun will shine when I´m off work
-  I want to cuddle with my boo
- ... see little baby swans, ducks and hedgehogs
- ...fall asleep listening to the raindrops falling against the window
-... love
- ... blow soap bubbles and eat strawberries
-...go to the Pipefest 2012
-... spend some quality time with my friends and family
-... go to a picnic
-... eat ice cream and walk outside
-... watch stars and the moon at some place romantic
-... party

-... wear summer clothes and let my skin breath
-... sunbath and watch my skin becaming tanned and beautiful
-... swim in the lake and in the salty sea water
-... travel abroad
-... work so that I can earn some money to spend
-... travel across Finland
  -... spend a night in a tent
-... wear bikinis as much as possible
-... go fishing
-... go roller blading at midnight
-... bake something good
-... grill 

-... play with animals and get excited
-... visit nice terraces and sip cool drinks
-... go hiking/rafting
-... visit the zoo
-... play beach volley
-... make flower wreaths and put them on my head
-... sleep in a safe place, the one that really feels like home to me <3
-... do my nails
-... swing with the dress on and let it just flatter
-... take nice photos
-... go shopping
-.. sit in the park while eating chinese food 
-... be in a boat and even row it by myself

 pictures weheartit
-... visit our summer homes and friends summer cottages
-... lie on a pier and read great books and magazines
-... let my toes play with the waves
-... ride a bike and feel the warm wind
-... collect sea urchins to a bascet
-... listen to the nice music by the lake and sing along
-...wake up to birds singing
- watch the sunrise and the sunset
- relax and know that everything is great, that I´m living the life I love and knowing that this love inside me is just growing day by day and I´m the happiest girl on this planet :)
- do the things I have never done
-... oh and I really want to kill every mosquito on this planet

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