Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Troubles and mess but I´m still calm

Hey guys, this blog is still having problems with updating on bloglovin. I´ve been trying to repair it but it´s still not ok. We both are alive and back in Finland now. More about that soon... :D We are still looking throug the photos and trying to organize them to make good posts. We both are back in school now plus working. Greets from me, I´m in a big hurry now and everything is waiting for me to be done... School, exams, this entire Kuopio-home needs to get clean, I still have to move my stuff and go to work. Wish me luck! At least I have three more days left to do all that. :) So it´s not a problem... but my hair is. I should do something to it... but I just can´t decide what. I hate it when I use straightning iron and it´s too moist outside that it looks like this sooner or laiter... :( I should probably get back to my dark hot chocolate drink and a berry curd. :) Loving the long mornings, when I can watch all the funny animal programs from tv, eat my breakfast slowly and be cheery. Yep I´m loving it when I´m able to smile on my own and blow a soap bubbles on my balcony.