Monday, September 12, 2011

dipers and yoga...

Hello :)

So my studies have begun here in the University in Kuopio. I´m studying Health Biosciences in Biomedicine. I like it in here, even if haven´t got a timetable yet....:D I´ve met nice people in there and I really have to say that I really enjoy it in here. Even if I love Jyväskylä as a town I like this uni and the places where I have my lectures and the spirit in here. Ok Kuopio is kind of a dull place compared to Jyväskylä and Helsinki but I still like it. I´ve found my new thing..... yoga.... It´s nice to do yoga and these videos are actually great :)! I needed to share them with somebody so that you´ll feel good too :).

We had a City-orientation competition in here, and we had a bunch of teams that all had to invent how they´ll dress up, what they will be called and the things they´ll do to win it. We had different tasks to do around the city center, there was everything from drinking a raw egg after trying to move it from spoon to spoon, swimming in the fountain and dancing with the cucumbers in our pants. It was really so much fun and after all that we went to Puikkari to dance and enjoy the rest of the night. You can try to guess whose team won it all? ;) MINE. haha. Thanks to the dipers, our sexy justin bieber songs and all kinf of silly games. :D

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