Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Melankolian riemut

Yes I have had happy days happy happy happy days I have had. Yes. Right now my mood isn't the best. In your life you have to learn how to make yourself happy even if you think the whole world is coming down. Everybody will hurt you - you just have to find the right ones worth suffering for. If they aren't you know there's no reason to be upset- you are worth something much better. I can´t help it Anna Puu always makes me think about stuff with her songs. Love yourself and you will be able to get over every little detail that once hurt you.

How to deal with the fact you've lost someone? When I heard about all those people in Norway I was in a shock. I just can´t understand those angry people who want to kill other people, people who kill animals just for fun like those cute little dolphins in Denmark, I can´t understand those things happening in the Middle East nor in Africa and no I can´t still understand the fact that I - yes me myself and I- am a refugee myself too just because of war- because of the people who think it´s ok to kill. I hope they all rot in hell if there is such one. I know the pain Norwegians are feeling now- war is a everyday subject in our house. You´ll always remember the tragedies and think about times before everything happened. What would the life be now without all that? Nobody has the answers. One thing I´ve learned about this world is that it wont be the last one- you just have to know how to deal with the sorrow and all mixed up- feelings. Time helps it doesn't cure. I´m very very sorry for humankind and I can just hope there will be day when people learn how to appreciate each others. Rest in peace all you who were killed in Norway. Amen.

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