Thursday, May 31, 2012

... St. Michel is calling

As you can see from the first photo, I have packed the most things in my Kuopio home now. I just finished with cleaning up and the tenant is coming here this evening. I hope my stuff will be in good condition when I come back here on September. This day started with training. We had really good food in Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi and the people I met were really nice + I passed the test we had.

Now I´m waiting for the train to Mikkeli. I will have a free weekend and I´m really waiting for it. I hate this weather now- why couldn´t it be better when I´m off the duties? :( Last summer was the same, I worked on every sunny day, and every time I was able to go home it started raining or it was just clowdy. And the month when I had my holiday- last August, was already cold... :( it was form 0 to max 10 degrees outside then. :( I hope this summer will be better!

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