Monday, July 18, 2011

silkkii, järvivettä ja ilta-aurinkoo

I want to go out- not to sit in the office every morning. I want to climb on Savisilta here in Mikkeli, take a camera and just shoot. Saimaa lake and port in Mikkeli from those hights- sparkling water and the sunset... it´s perfect. At least I can go to the beach and just smile because of this weather. I love summer- nothing more to say. Have fun- I will. Just 9 more days I have to work and then it´s time for a holiday. Maybe I´ll have to paint our chairs and a dinnertable today too but it´s fun- too. Makes me think I´m just 7 years old haha. We were just out with my sister Elvira it was fun to sit and enjoy the life. Grandi always makes everything sweet.

We were also out one day with our family and celebrated my and Elvira's success in applying to the schools we wanted. It was so nice to spend a night out with them and eat something else than pizza in Rosso :)

loved everything <3

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