Friday, July 8, 2011

I´m coming home, I´m coming home tell the world I´m coming home - I wish

Oh dear god how much I miss Bosnia and Croatia. Summer is nothing without them. It´s just like that. This is my second summerholiday in Finland in my entire life. I´ve never spent July in Finland, it´s odd now. It really feels like something is missing and there is this heavy sac or something in my chest when I think about this. I could cry now cause this really makes me sad now. I had a plan to go to Salzburg and visit Mirela but then her mom told her they are going somewhere else. I could probably go there too but... My school starts then too soon and I think it would be better for me to live in Kuopio at least few days before it. I don´t now, everything is a mess now! At least I know few things: 1. I have to work on July 2. I´m going to Pipefest on August. 3. I have to move. So if you see me there come and say hello :)! This fragile no 4 is my trip and another one, no 5 is for my trip to Helsinki- I NEED to visit the zoo! :D

As you can see- I just can´t say NO to the place.

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