Friday, July 15, 2011

Love the melody of life

...when every life is a symphony. The sound of it drops and rises all over again. Life is amazing you know, it always surprises you in good and in bad. I´m happy when I know that whenever the melody drops there´s something much more powerfull to lift it up again. =)

 It´s a big storm in here and I am at work by bycicle... How am I going to go back home... It´s not that safe out there. I forgot my umbrella and my phone. So it´s reepy not to be able to call someone or text to calm me down. My parents and sisters went to Helsinki, Elvira has some shootings to do and the rest of them are going to Ikea to get something we both need for our apartments. It´s much easier for me to think about this stuff than what´s happening outside the window... This storm really is bad one! Hey you guys in army... you really are lucky bastards ;).

So now I have home in Kuopio too. If I start counting them... I would say that I have 6 places that I call home. The best thing about my new home is it´s shape, how much it really looks like my old one in Jyväskylä (Elvira's now) and Minna (my childhood friend) lives right across the hallway :D It´s gonna be fun, but the moving part isn´t... :D We visited Rosso and Amarillo and all other shops. I bought ballerina shoes, running shoes and something nice for Elina. I think the food-part was the one I enjoyed the most. ;)
 Something nobody can resist...

 BBQ Chicken: aura-cheese switched to red onion
And now it´s time to go our with Elina, Suvi and Henna. Raappana is here ! Love his songs!

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