Wednesday, July 20, 2011

One Perfect day

How can it be so wonderful to eat strawberries, paint the chairs and a table and.... keep little baby hedgehogs in your arms and just read the magazines on the balcony while it´s raining outside? People are genuine only when they see little baby animals- that´s something new, babies always have that little something to melt your heart. They really know how to put the smile on your face and make you feel that childlish joy that you felt as a little sitting in the sandbox. I was running with my sister and we stopped to walk up one pretty huge hill when we heard something. When I turned to see behind me I saw 5 little baby hedgehogs partly running towards me and partly hiding between the bushes. I went down on my knees and guess what the babies did... :D they came to us and if we put our hands down they tried to climb on them :D so it was easy to hold them and they seemed to like it a lot (maybe cause they sence I´m this former biolog). :D My heart just melted that very moment... :) I want a hedgehog as a pet. It was too bad to have only mobiles with us so the pictures aren´t really a success. :(

 "I want too!"

We also made american cookies(photo by Elvira), they were too yammy. There´s nothing better. If you´ve tasted Ben & Jerry´s 'Wich- icecream- you know the taste of them ;) New trendi also arrived so it was good time to go to the balcony to read it. I was just smiling and thinking the little ones... It was so easy to sleep well. :)

Now this girl is at office, we are planning to go out with my sister and cousin Elvisa. Hopefully it won´t rain today. It would be nice to have at least one sunny evening now :)
- Herminica


  1. Ihan mahtavia noi siilit! :D Lueskelin vanhempiakin postauksia ja tajusin just, että tätä lukiessa tulee aina hyvä mieli. Kiitos siitä!

  2. Nuo siilit on ihan mahtavia! Niitä voi aina bongailla siinä 8:n älkeen jostain pusikoista kun vaan malttaa ite olla rauhallisesti! :) Parhaimmassa tapauksessa siellä on pari rohkeeta jotka tulee sun käsiä ihmettelemään :D! Kiitoksia paljon, hyvä kuulla! Pyrin pitämään sut hyvällä mielellä jatkossakin :)