Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Good morning sunshines

Here I am, still totally tired because of yesterday. I woke up at 7 am and headed to school to do my physics exam. After that we grabbed some food from school's restaurant and then I went to the gym. I spent there 2 hours and then I still had to pedal my bike up the hill and manage to get to my home. I did it and I jumped directly in my bath tub. It was so relaxing to scrub all the dirt away and then start studying. I was just so tired that I was ready to go to bed at 7pm... Today I got up at 11 am, ate two slices of dark bread (I don´t really like other type of bread), put some red paprica, cheese, beef-meat and slices of cucumber on it. I also made myself a hot chocolate with cinnamon and ginger. I just love to mix all spices in my food and drinks. :) I also bought myself really cute gloves from H&M's children's apartment and some new beautystuff. Shampoo from Four Seasons (Love it) and my all-time-favourite makeup-powder from Lumene. :) I also made myself a great facial treatment, I had some camomille steam before all face scrubs, masks and lotions. I love to do something relaxing at mornings because if I´m totally tired it kinda wakes me up gently :)

I still have to go to school today, I also found something hanging on my doorbell, my dear neighbour Minna.... :) She loves to decorate my doorbell with toothpast :) Love her :)!

Now it´s time to get ready for school --->

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