Thursday, October 6, 2011

Get AUSSOME with Aussie

 Casual look
Party look

Both Aussome looks made with.... :)

I have a secret to share with you, I´ve become one of the Aussie Angels too! This is a really nice and flattering thing for me, I love Aussie products, especially series Take the heat, Luscious Long, Aussome Volume and Miracle Moist. If you want to get more info please visit the website, I usually buy my own Aussie products from Sokos stores here in Finland, and one thing I have noticed about them that they are really good for my hair and my looks ! I got two different products from Aussie: Dual Personality Hi-Hold + Hi-Shine Hairspray and Dual Personality Aussome Volume + Conditioning Mousse. Hairspray contains Australian Sea Kelp Extract that helps to put hair firmly in its place and gives you shine and it has an ultra strong hold and a really good smell (+ it doesn´t turn your hair into hard clumps)! The Mousse contains Australian Wild Cherry Bark Extract that gets you hair thinking big and pampers it at the same time.

About my own hair type: I have this brown, thick hair. I´ve never dyed it and it´s really curly naturally. It doesn´t get greecy easily and I usually have to shampoo it from 2 to 3 times a week (I could do it only once a week but I like the smell ow just washed and moist hair... :) ). Usually I don´t use a diffuser if have no hurry (keeps my hair in much better condition) and I don´t use irons or other things neither daily. I always tend to sleep my hair on a loose bun because it prevents my hair from getting split-ends + it makes it much easier to do my hair on the mornings (when it´s a really good hairday I just have to open the bun and volá)! But I always use good shampoos, conditioners, mousses and hairsprays, hair masks etc so that my hair tends to look great even longer, I think that most important thing is to eat and drink well, use right products and protect you hair from UV, physical and chemical stressfactors (sleep with silk-pillowcase!), frost and girls never camb your hair when it´s totally wet (If you do you´ll look soon like my dear pet-cactus) :)


.... What kind of aussome tricks did the Aussie products do and how?
- First I washed my hair with volumizing shampoo and let the moisturing conditioner do it´s best for 5 minutes (I think this combo works best for my hairtype)
- I put the towel on my head like a turban to suck the most water from my hair (I do not "scrub" my hair with the towl- it´s one stress factor for the hair too)
- Then I took the Take The Heat Spray and sprayed it all over my hair so that my hair would be ready for the action and still "in safe hands"
- After this I took the Aussome Volume + Conditioning Mousse and put it ON MY COMB and I "combed" it through my moist hair from the roots to the ends
- Then It was time for a diffuser to sing it´s SHHH SHHH songs and after that I put my hair to the bun and went to sleep :)
- After ZZZZ-oing enough it was time to spray some Hairspray on my head, let it dry and then I opened the bun.
- After this just take a iron and make yourself more nice curls, straight the ends and curl them again if they´re not good enough and enjoy your beach-babe look :) If you want put some of your hear up with two pins crossed, then more Hairspray and you are ready to be Aussome! :)

- Herminica and her pet :)


  1. vautsi en tiennykkää tämmösestä! :) Siistiä. paljonko noi tuotteet maksaa voisin käydä ostelee joskus :P Paitsi et nyt meen kirppikselle;)

  2. Aussie <3 Tosin mun tukka ei näytä siltä että niinkin laadukkaita tuotteita käyttäisin :>

  3. Käyppä kattelee sokkarilta :) Four seasonsin tuotteet on myös hyviä! :)

  4. läser du blogg?

  5. I have to say that I haven´t heard about it :) why?