Friday, October 14, 2011

The quality of life should be measured by the number of smiles on your face

Photos: Riku Mesiniemi

I loved the shooting stars, I have never seen them before, but this time they really made me so excited that I just ignored the frost around me and kept on laying on the ground for one hour. I love to do things I usually can´t do and I love the feeling of living the life. That moment I saw my first BIG AND THICK shooting star, it made me scream, I really understood how FAST things can be, that there really is that awesome space and that the stars really are even more amazing things than I thought. I loved the full moon and the light it made above the lake, and oh that fog above the lake... I´m so happy that Riku wanted to take some pictures and we all had to model for him. I think that those photos are amazing, the first one just makes me... amazed and happy because it´s just too beautiful and the second makes me smile because of the hilarious moment and the best company for that trip :)

I´m in love with the life and today I realized that I want to smile the whole time I´m living it. When I went to the dentist and came back I noticed thath NO ONE looked happy. Why can´t people try to enjoy while they still have the opportunity and time to do that? I already know what´s my second new years promice and I hope you´ll do the same :) Keep on smiling and living, if there is nothing to be happy about, you have to change the things so that you can start counting the numbers of smiles on your face and LIVE.

- Herminica :)


  1. fantastic blog:)
    You are so pretty!
    Klaudia B.

  2. Thanks Klaudia, it´s so nice to hear that you like my blog! :)

    Kisses back to you too! :)

  3. Olipa piristävä kirjotus :) Ja on ihania kuvia hih!