Friday, October 28, 2011

shake your bun bun


Now it´s time to enjoy the weekend and take it a bit easier. I´m still going to study but I think not so much as on past four days. It´s time to meet people and laugh with them - not just alone watching this.... :D I want those Christmas lights too - it would be a perfect partyhouse for me, my sisters and my cousins...

I just can´t stop thinking about what would be my own reaction if one of those cars passing by was mine... :D Maybe I would just hit a tree...  I think I have to start shaking my bun now and go to have some fun. Sabina told me also that my new coat has arrived and that it looks perfect! Can´t wait to wear it- then it will not be this cold... :) ps that shirt you see on me I just got it back from girls- I´ve been missing it a lot so I didn´t even want to wash it before using it again. haha my baby came home <3  Have a great weekend guys :) 

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