Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It´s not nice to see just one candy alone in the bag

I woke up at 11 am today, got myself ready and went out with Pauliina. We ate at Rami's confectionery and went shopping after that. She bought some Xmas presents and I had to buy basic things from new eyeshadow to curlers (for hair). It was nice to spend some time together again. One thing that I miss nowadays is my "old friends". I hate the fact that we all live far from each others and can't hang out together when it´s boring. I do like my new friends from Kuopio yes, but we meet so rarely that... yea it´s kinda lonely to be there if  Minna or Anni etc (girls from Mikkeli again, who live in Kuopio too) aren´t around. I just hope that it will get easier but I doubt it. At least I can run away from that city every weekend and feel happy for doing that. It´s just so boring to go out for a walk at evenings alone. Want to know why? Because there is no one out or there is no one to keep you company! It´s like the dead city at evenings compared to other cities that big. I´m that kind of a person who NEEDS people and some bustle around! Kuopio could be good only if people in there would be more lively, would know that they can´t run over you while walking/driving a car or a bike, would say even thank you if you help them and smile. Every time I go out I have to rip my hair because of the frustration and bad bicycle paths (wait a minute I haven´t even seen them... and the middle aged women start to shout to you if you want to WALK your bike beside you along the walkway- yep good for you). Luckily I´ve got my dear friends who I can talk to when ever I want and need, I can meet them when we are in the same city even if it´s not enough. At least I can enjoy my time now and be as social as I want and Kuopio is not going to ruin it<3

Chocolate-liqourice from Punnitse&Säästä, I just LOVE them
Some make up, nail colour and new eyeshadow-brush.

And then hot water bottle, curlers and a new body lotion because I forgot all of them to Kuopio.

Now it´s time to make some meatballs--->

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  1. i really like your blog, it's great and inspirating :)