Thursday, December 22, 2011

Black holes

And again... I´m always dreaming about really odd things. I don´t know what kind of dreams people usually dream about, but mine... They consist of fairytales and Disney characters, danger, movie-scenes, random people, odd creatures, glittery trees, houses made of 10 other familiar homes to me (for excample every room can be from a different place in reality), I can split into two and speak to myself from both bodies, I can fly, dive without needing any oxygen, fight against bears or wolfs with my daggers that are always in my left boot or just fish and then notice that I have no shirt on and I keep getting really beautiful and colourful and glowing fish that talk to me and then I just pick them up and put in my bucket and take them to eat some ice cream with me or we can just take a cab to the moon and then talk about laws of physics together... Me and my fish. Yep I know.

This time my dream was just as random as always. I was in a random shopping center that looked like my previous University building at Jyväskylä. Then one of the popular bloggers came and asked me and my sisters and cousins to keep her company at this pretty odd bench...? I was located in the middle of this giant field and the grass was really tall. This bench had some kind of holes in it and this grass stack out of them. We all six sat on this little bench (how is that even possible with these butts we have?) and then those tassels of grass stack out from our crotches. We just held on to them with both hands like men usually do with their p's. Okay... it´s not over yet... We continued our journey to our old neighborhood from childhood and broke into our old home. New owners felt so sorry for us when we told them that we were homeless (yeah right- our plan worked!) that they gave us their balcony to live in (it was my favourite place in there). The landscapes I saw from there in that dream were something beyond the....everything. It was the mixture of everything; sea, mist, mountains, forests, glitter, rain, sun, rainbows, different colours, old castles, beach, islands....- and they all moved like if it was a track we watched. I wanted to take a picture of everything I saw but Elvira's camera worked like skates on the asphalt. Luckily I got this remote control to play and stop and to wind back everything by controlling the BLACK HOLE under the balcony!! It made the landscapes move and destroyed them like they usually do to the material that goes in them. Hell yea, what an imagination...

pictures weheartit

I think that I should try to find a dreamcatcher and let it do the magic. I do like all the weird things about my dreams but I could dream less about scary things. I guess that this old tradition of wise and old tribes could maybe help... or then just be a nice decoration on my wall... :D Maybe even some fairy dust could do the trick or then I just have to start opening these pandora boxes I get every evening I go to the bed and just keep guessing what´s about to happen this time... Exciting, scary and joyful thing to do.. :)

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