Friday, December 2, 2011

New boots to prevent the spongebob-feeling

These are my new boots from Asos. They are real leather and very comfortable. I bought size 4 / 37 and it´s too big. But I did it on purpose because I´m planning to put in woolen insole and woolen leg-part to keep me warm. I just couldn´t handle a second day like on Wednesday...  I went to school at 7.30am after two hours of sleep. On my way I had Ugg boots on and it was raining + snow was melting. 2,5km and that weather... You just know it can´t end well. First I noticed that my Uggs had turned into two giant black Spongebobs, they were so full on water that I could literally feel the cold water going back and forth between my toes. It was so disgusting! :D My spongebobs were so heavy that my walking reminded me of children in their mom's shoes. The best part was yet to come.... I fell into a puddle on my knees and hands. :) I was totally wet and my knee became bruised (It´s still black and swollen). Because of my sponge's I was late from my math test, luckily I had enough time to solve it and I felt pretty good after it. Then I remembered my wet outfit and decided to put shoes and other stuff on the radiator. :D After 6 hours of anatomy and cutting the eye balls I returned to the radiator and everything was almost dry... and I still had to walk 2,3km back home... I decided to put plastic bags on my feet and walk home like that haha!

We had another "pikkujoulut" at Isa's place that same evening. It was really nice to go there by bike (7km) and prevent the spongebob-attack! We just ate and talked and ate and drank.... Then I came home at 2 am and I really have never driven a bike that fast! Oh and about those first pikkujoulut at Anni's place- they were a success ;) Now I have to clean this place and eat something. After that I´m going to reward myself with a nice bubblebath and meeting Teemu (and maybe Minna and Mia) :)!

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