Monday, December 19, 2011

'we must stand together, hand in hand forever'


This weekend was just great, my holiday began and the stress is off my shoulders for now. I had great time at Kpää again and now I´m in Mikkeli at my parents house. It was so nice to meet my friends again and kinda leave my brains to Kuopio. I still brought my books to Mikkeli though because days can really be boring while Xmas; every place is closed and all my friends are on their own laptops inside and they cant´t go out. At least there are so many good Disney cartoons on Tv every year! + I really hope that there will be ice so that I could go at least skating!!

Now I have to show you my new jeans and my new knit from GT. Why am I so excited because of my jeans? Because they are my first in 5 years... :D I have this pretty not so usual shape of hips so that no jeans really flatter my figure. Except of theese Kristen jeans. Ok I could have taken the size 25/32 because this is a little too big now, but maybe next time. At least I have now one pair of jeans I can really be comfortable of wearing. One thing is sure now... they won´t be my last. (ok I do have jeans in my closet but they don´t fit me anymore, or they are just too stretched etc...)

And the change of topic: I really don´t understand why people (including me this time) tolerate the bad feeling more than it should be tolerated. Why not try to solve things that are responsible of causing it to us as soon as possible? I really have to step up in this. All you need is to open your mouth and get some voice (ok not just the basic amaammamamööömm.. but the real words) out of you to break the ice and start the conversation (You´ll possibly notice that the other one of you has waited for that amaammamamööömm for those long 5 hours). You just have to be brave and believe that nothing bad is going to happen because of your effort- it can be tiny and not really convincing with sounding brave or strong- but it´s still something. It can still be enough for the other person to relax and be able to solve things out for the best. All you really have to do is to be brave- nothing more- but sometimes even that can be a big barrier to someone who really is not used to those moments, or who has only bad memories of being brave. Just remember: believe in yourself and everything will be just fine. At least I´ll try.