Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One more schoolday and then.... Holiday!

pictures weheartit

...and this is what I want from it. Okay okay of course I want to party, eat a lot, see my friends, talk a lot, kiss while snow is falling down, look at the fireworks, scream, bake, enjoy sucking the spaghetti into my mouth, spice my hot schocolate with cinnamon and ginger, eat chistmas chocolates, throw snowballs at my dad, point at the grey scquirrels when they run across the street, go skating, laugh when I fall down (I´m just waiting for it), read and pet all the dogs I meet....just for excample. 
Yes I´m kinda happy, my exams are behind me... ok I have one 13th of J.... (and I have to read to it on my vacation... how fun is that? + we´ll see how my plan is going to´s not). I have lectures tomorrow from 8 am to 12pm and then again from 6.40 pm to 8.10pm. Between them I will probably go to the store to buy some food and then hmmm... I have to calculate physics. But now I have this little something to shock guys.... especially you T :---) HAHA.

Something I just got from Nelly :

Now I will be a mini-giant...

I have to go to take a shower now, Good Night :)

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  1. oh those pretty platforms you got yourself! i'm totally lovestruck.

    xx //