Thursday, December 8, 2011

Love all my exams and Bambi

Here I am studying my head off. I´ve got two exams next week and right after my winter holiday I have one to come. I´m little stressed about many things now, I can´t sleep and I hope that changing my sleeping-rhythm is going to help. Now I´m still waiting for my breakfast to be ready and then I still have to go to school this evening. After that I have some tasks to do and I still have to pack before tomorrow. Well at least my other tasks are almost done (like xmas shopping...). At least past weekend was perfect again and gave me some strength to cope with all this :)
This weekend I´m going to Mikkeli to meet my friends and family. My dad had a surgery on monday so I really want to see how he is doing now. I also want to buy myself new jeans and this really beautiful cat´s eye from IVANA Helsinki. I´m really into it ! :D Aarikka makes great cat´s eyes too and I think I could buy to my sister Sabina the one with the owl... she is really into the owls... ( +cat´s-eyes are cheap and stylish way to keep yourself safe!)

Ok I really need it....and want it and need it.


  1. Good Luck :D I also have like 4 tests the next week two :D hope i pass them :)

  2. I know how you feel! I also have an important test after holidays.
    Sucks! :/

  3. Thank you nermeen and good luck to you too! Tomorrow is my first test, I´m so stressed right now :D

    Mademoiselle leandra good luck to you too :) I hope we all pass our tests with good grades! :)