Friday, February 3, 2012

Why am I always photographing food

Buah Buah. I´m missing my friends and trying to deal with the drumming in my head... I really hated the way I woke up this morning. There was some early bimbo who pretented he/she was a rooster doing it's t job to wake everyone up at 7 am. I really am certain about one thing... Kuopio has really strange resitents. That rooster guy ran down in our corridor and on the way he decided to rang everyone's doorbells... How fun is that dude! At least I had a nice dream about steeling some chocolates and candy out of my sister's candybags and a stardust as a nailpolish (it had fallen down instead of snowflakes during  the day)? Yep. I could really eat some candy now.... and a gingerbread dough. I should make it sometime and put in a freezer, so that every time I´m craving for it I just have to melt the amount I´m able to eat at once! What an idea. It just really makes my stomach swell... big time. Don´t eat it if you need to go somewhere after it- it's just an advice.

I´m in Mikkeli now, my parents are taking bad care of me :D I had to squeeze the oranges by myself- whyyy? I could just have stayed at Kuopio. Te service is bad in here :D Sabina is sick too so it makes two of us to be pempered. Maybe tomorrow mom and dad? I´m feeling little too tired right now maybe itś my time to take some rest again... and be bored as hell.

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