Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fake profiles

Hellooo here I am back in Kuopio again for few days. I´m feeling much better now than last week, not feeling sick nor having a bad headache. Temperatures have came down to -18 degrees, so it really is much warmer than it has been. The sun is shining and it´s beautiful. I have to go to the lecture soon, I was going to the gym this morning but I didn´t really felt good so... I really hate those people who make fake profiles about somebody else, use somebody else's photos or name etc... I don´t really like it. It has been going on for eight years now, first it started with making a profile to one of the finland's most popular forums for girls. Someone did even one with my "name" and wrote a lots of shitty things. Then all people got annoyed with that "me"... After a while I found all my personal info, including the adresses, my parents names, workplaces etc... all over the internet. After that people have made fake profiles about me and I really don´t like what they are doing with them. I hope that I´ll find out the ones who are doing this and if you bump into a profile made with my name or my photos, can you please inform me? Thank you so so so much if you do. I really hate the fact how mush I´m spending my energy to the stuff like this... and the fact that it won´t stop any day soon.

And now... let me show you the bikini bottom and the shirt my mom bought me from H&M. I love them both :) I also bought myself a new face cream from ACO. I´m not sure if it really is giving colour to my face but... let´s give it some time to work. :) That picture frame is like a pre- birthday present for me :) I just have to figure out what to frame because those picture sizes are really small :D! Dimensions are: for one  7x9 and two of them  5x8...


  1. people making fake profiles about you means u r successful, they envy u and want to be you, so dont give a damn about it, be happy and live ur life with no regrets :D Nermy