Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Do I need to say anything else? I don´t really know what would be the better way to start your day than eating pancakes with the good feeling in you. It´s bright outside, you have only little things to do (like going to the dentist and then to the job :--)  ps. I sold 4 different things already in just 2 hours :) But I really was nervous...! I´m just so lucky that I got a positive experience about the job :) I hope you all had a great valentines day yesterday. I wish that I could have spent  it with the people I love, but sometimes you just have to accept the reality and admit that the most of them just live far. At least I had a great weekend and a great girls evening + I´m going to Mikkeli on Thursday  to watch my little sister's prom! :) I´m really excited about it! :)  She has this beautiful dress, and it will be her day as a princess :) I have to make up her too. Elvira won´t do her hair this time, even if I think that we all have the skills to do it just like the hairdressers! :D Now I´m going to eat again ! :D

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