Thursday, February 2, 2012

it´s like a jungle drum beating in my head

Ohh I hate this headache and fever. I have so much to do all the time. Studying really weakens me a lot now. I had to go and buy myself 40 trips on my travel card because it really is not easy to walk about 11 km's daily in this weather. I can´t breath even through my nose without getting a bad headache. I still have to go to school tomorrow and I would have so good time to do my work out but I can´t! :( I hate the fact that I get sick always     when it´s February... I would really like to be able to work out and study + travel and meet my friends normally and not in this condition. I´m just so much more tired... I don´t know about you but I always want to do everything when I´m actually unable to do all that. I really hate that I can´t go and continue with working out because it´s always so much harder to start again and get motivated, clean up entire house or just study even if you know that you have time to do it then... I could just continue with this list! :D

At least I squeezed myself a fresh juice out of oranges and lemon, It really gave me good energy and the taste was so goooood! I just love self squeezed juice   :) You should try to do it, grapefruits and carrots are great for juice too. Buaah have to go to bed now, can´t keep my head up.... it´s like a jungle drum beating in my head.

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