Thursday, March 14, 2013

In my bag

Hello guys, long time no seen. I´m such a busy girl right now. I´m loving my life as it is. I´m having all the energy to study, workout, cook and travel and it feels good. I love that there is not pitch black anymore when I wake up and I´m starting to wake up at 8 am in my own... :D I love this light and the sun! It only makes me happy. :) I had my birthday last week, so I´m officially 22 years old girl now and I had maybe one of the best birthdays ever :) I will tell about it a bit later :) I really have so many dreams to come true so I have to start working on them at this very moment... :) First I´m going to make myself a mango chicken- pasta with a tomato sallad and a honey limunada (limunada is lemon + water, but instead of the white sugar I use honey :) )! It´s one of the most healthy Bosnian drinks on this planet :)  Have a great day guys! 

 Let's have a look in my bag... I decided not to carry a First Aid pack with me anymore... :D I did carry it for many years... :D I think it´s a good way to have a little one in a bag if you are not going to a place that has them (in Finland shopping malls, Uni, gym etc) but if I´m going somewhere else, walking somewhere at a night time or just home- I wan´t to be able to help myself or someone else. It´s a really good thing to own and make sure that the meds are not old, you have enough bandages and the desinfectant bottle is not empty. 

Yes, all this and my school stuff if I´m going to the Uni. Do you notice what´s missing? My protein bar, water bottle and a phone! I never keep it in my bag, because I walk around with my phone in my hands or in my pocket/glove. :D

 My calendar, keyes, wallet that has everything in it, buss card for the cold days, little mirror, a lock, memory card, Aco CanolaOil hand cream, pens, rubber, lip balm Melem (it´s not only for lips), iPod and head phones, stuff for my hair and hankies :) 

Some of my make up, The Body Shop's hand cleanse gel and a deodorant, Läkerol Dents xylitol pastilles and some Eloveena oats! Usually I carry a  water bottle and a protein bar with me but the one I had for today is already gone... :) If the day is super long I take a little extra lunch box with me + I eat at school. This is the best way of having something healthy with you all the time! :) I usually have fruits ans veges, ray bread and cottage cheese in it. :)

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