Monday, March 18, 2013

Spicy mango-chicken sauce

What do you need? All these above (Organic ketchup or one/two big tomatoes, organic extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, sour cream Flora (the thick one is better for sauces!), one big mango, herbs and spices- paprika, black pepper, rosemary, turmeric, curry, basil, cayenne pepper, Herbamare / sea salt, ginger) + one half of red sweet paprika, 15 cm's leek, half of big red onion, three garlic cloves, 400 g of non flavored and sliced chicken breast (you can slice it by yourself too or buy it). And if you want you can even squeeze some lime juice in the sauce too!

 Boil the pasta water while you are putting spices and onions in the oil. First fry your turmeric and paprika powder in hot oil, then add all onions.

 After the onions are transparent, put your meat in and make sure that it's half done, not too much because it can easily dry out then. Add paprika and leek in it + ½ dl water. Add the spices (not herbs yet!).

When the meat is ready, fully fried and the veges look almost ready add your sour cream + the whole mango in little chunks- not too small! Add more spices and taste the sauce, add more if it's needed. Add herbs!

Let it reduce just a little bit until you think it's ready to be served :) Add it in your pasta or if you are planning on serving it to more people, you can add ready pasta in the pan and mix all together. It really tastes like heaven! :D

Prijatno / Hyvää ruokahalua ;) 

Have a great Monday! :) I will continue studying again... :D I'm having my exam of Clinical microbiology tomorrow... wish me luck! I had maybe my first food poisoning yesterday but lucky me it didn't last too long. I have already diagnosed myself haha... :D You should see how this first paper stack looks like when I open it... It's just full of different colours and little notes... :D My neighbor Minna had her leaving- party on Saturday, and it was such a nice way of gathering all her friends before she goes to Rovaniemi... I will miss her like Argos missed his owner Odysseus! Come back to us soon! :(

Oh and and about my training... I was on my kettle bell workout last Friday, but it didn't end well... my quadriceps had a total lock- moment there, and it didn't got better until the next morning. It was such a pain in the ass! At least I was able to work out my upper body even if it actually was a leg day... I really hope that it doesn't happen again any time soon! Tomorrow is a workout day again- it could be today too but I´m just too busy with this exam... I still have to go through a lot and I hope that I can still go to bed before 3 am this night... :S! 


  1. Thanks for this recipe, I made the sauce tonight and my boyfriend said it was the best meal I've made! I didn't have turmeric, forgot to put in red onion, and added garlic. It was super good! Next time I will add more mango! :)

  2. Haha I´m glad to hear that! :D From which part of world are you guys? :)