Friday, March 1, 2013


My bambi bag is from Monki , and this Bambi mug is Iittala's :)

Good evening from us, I haven´t still went to bed even if I'm planning to hit the gym tomorrow morning and school after that. Tomorrow is the day I´m going to Mikkeli again too. I haven´t been there for two weeks now and it kinda feels like an eternity? :D Why is that? I will work two morning shifts too and spend my evenings with my family. I haven´t worked since the Christmas eve, so the money I´m getting from these shifts will be much needed! :D Too bad that I won´t get it before my birthday :(! I still can´t fully understand that I will be 22 years next Thursday... :D How fast are these years passing by! I would like to stop it sometimes! :D I´m so lucky that I´m not one of those 22 years old that are already living like their youth has passed by! I think that keeping that inner child and it's imagination alive and the smile on your face are the main keys to that! :) That´s something I will remember on my every birthday... :) When I feel and live like this, I won't be old and boring... :) Becoming boring and not having the courage to dream and do spontaneous things are maybe one of the biggest fears I have- not that I think I could become such a person, because I´m still like a little puppy or a kitten... You should see me the way the closest people see... Having this hot chocolate with my bag is no exception... We can talk to each others... :D That´s a cool Bambi-dude! As my bf said- if I would be on that popular Iholla Tv-show my part would be from another planet every now and then... Just the way children in our nursery school thought of me ans my sisters when they didn´t know where Bosnia was... They thought it was in Mars... :) haha :D Maybe I really am... Even this entire post deserves one big facepalm :D 

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  1. Oot ihana <3 ja ikä on vaan naurettavia lukuja, se sisäinen lapsenmielisyys ja spontaanisuus saa virrata aina veressämme :-P