Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Blueberry milk in my home

I decided to make some blueberry milk out of blueberries (use the amount you like :) ), 1dl protein powder (MASS Hera chocolate) and organic milk. It was delicious! A perfect way to start this day before my oats are done :-D! That blueberry milk was really refreshing :)! I have to do it again. I´m totally obsessed with my blender... I love making smoothies, drinks and even soups with it. If you don´t own one - get one!

Then it was time to make some gluten free-pizza out of oats and the healthy stuffing (chicken breast, tomatoes, red paprika, red onions, pine apple, mushrooms...) and when it was in the oven it was time to clean this place and do the dishes! I decided to take photos from my place - as you see it´s not ready yet - walls are still too bare, the carpet won´t stay there and I need new lamps and pillows - much more pillows! I´m on it but first I really need a new mirror... A big one from Ikea... I already know which one I want...! I´m waiting on my salary... :) 

The weather is just perfect now - I´m seriously considering to go out... and I have to buy more dark chocolate powder :) I should get ready to be able to exit this place :D Damn I love that sun, can´t hold it together! I have to open my balcony door and drink a cup of hot black tea there! 

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