Saturday, March 30, 2013


I had to get this meow! -shirt from GT! I´m just so in love with it :D But so was the lamb while we were cooking... damn!
1 &2 :A few photos from my trip to Helsinki, it definitely was one of the best weekends this year!
3. That pie we made- it wasn't that dark! 4. At my histology class... :) I love it!
Basic chilling at home... :) 
Hey guys, I have had such a nice week and this Friday was the best in a long time. My friends and I decided to gather up and make a nice meal together. A nice and rich salad, lamb and mashed sweet potatoes with  spring onions + a delicious gluten free blueberry- curd pie! It was a nice way of spending our Friday evening. I absolutely love seeing my friends because I´m not able to do that as often as I would like to. It's such a shame :( I´m even hating this summer to come... It will be just about work and writing my Bachelor's thesis... and staying in Finland. I really think that the summer is ruined if it has to be spent entirely in north + living three months at your parents house... I really miss seeing my home in Kuopio and my homes in South Europe already... Imagine living three years on your own and then just moving back to your parents house where you have to share the room with one sister (we rented one half of our apartment - it was an another apartment attached to this one) since our half is not in our use anymore... :D Damn. I really have to cheer up and start doing a to do-list for the next summer... It's one way of making sure it won't get boring! :D

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