Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Late morning

I can't imagine that I really overslept this morning! I have never overslept in my life until today... and I even got one exam- or I should have. I was just too tired yesterday after my other exam, it wasn't the most bright day in my head even though the sun shone the whole time... This tired girl just ignored totally her two alarm clocks. :) At least I´m not that tired anymore and I´m ready to go to Mikkeli this afternoon. I still have to put some make up on and pack my bags. I have already enjoyed the breakfast :) It made this day a much better- even though I´m still quite pissed because of that oversleeping... All studying for this one must be done again in 20 days... :D Not so nice... I still have to channel my thoughts into something else and forgot that this happened... :D!

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