Monday, April 15, 2013


Chicken files with cucumber and paprika -salad, jasmin rice and garlic sauce. Simple but delicious :).

My workout station at home

Hi guys! Here I am again! Second time this week, I'm pretty proud of myself :D. I'll just be translating all the things I say on that video. I did try making that video in English, but it was just way too hard. Even talking in Finnish was a bit weird for me. 

So i basically say that I tried to make a get ready with me post, but somehow I stationed the camera so that it was filming below my nose all time. Really, I have no idea how i got it so wrong :D. I was supposed to be studying this whole day, but I just couldn't stand being at home anymore, so I was getting ready to meet my friend on a coffee and to go shopping. So I tried to film myself doing my hair and make up, but we all now how it went...oops. Maybe I'll try doing a get ready with me video again in the near future, that's of course if you guys want to see that kind of a post. So tell me if you are interested and maybe I'll get motivated again, since my motivation is pretty low right now :D. But yeah, have a nice evening every one!:)

- Evi


  1. Olisi tosi kiva jos tekisit videon missä laittaudut :-)

  2. Janette: Jihuu!:) Ehkä tässä lähitulevaisuudessa innostun yrittämään uudelleen!
    Anonyymi: Kiitos:)