Monday, April 1, 2013

This Summer...

I will work and get money for this summer and next autumn♥celebrate Sabina's graduationI will buy myself new glasses and sunglasses♥Vans shoes♥many new bikinis♥make up brushes♥cute little dresses♥cute tops ans shorts♥new Dr Denim jeans♥Nike FREE's and new colorful tops, workout underwear and pants for the gym♥new gym gloves and nutrition stuff from MASS, CoCoVi, Puhdistamo and iHerb

 ♥a trip to Nice to meet my friend Henna who's as an exchange student there for six months! Can't wait!♥I will go swimming♥make sure that I get a nice and a healthy tan♥go on a picnic for several times♥go running when the sun rises and sets down♥go rollerblading at midnight♥blow soap bubbles♥paint♥read many good books and write my Bachelor's thesis on the sunny balcony or yard♥see my friends and make sure that I can be with them as much as I want

 ♥eat great food and grill a lot♥love♥eat fresh berries♥go to at least one festival♥dip fresh strawberries to a raw chocolate♥sleep in a hammock♥play with little dogs♥watch baby ducks swimming in a group♥go and train as much as I can♥spend time with my lovely sisters♥dream big♥take part in a water balloon fight

 ♥sit on a terrace with my friends♥visit my friends at Helsinki as much as I can♥watch great movies♥buy myself a second trip for the winter... I really can't see the point in spending the whole year in here...♥one quick trip this summer- at least to Stockholm♥go to a summer cottage♥go fishing♥sleep in a tenthope that many spontaneous things make this summer good♥make sure that I don't get bored♥photograph a lot for this blog
 ♥meet those friends that I can't meet very often♥love the smell of the fresh cut grass♥read magazines at the beach and sip fresh squeezed smoothies♥make hearts with the sun lotion on my skin♥make sure that the life I´m living feels good- there's only short summer once a year- make it good one♥be fearless and do something like parachuting

 ♥be happy and smile♥play badminton and beach volley♥eat great ice cream on the roof picnic♥make sure that I have done the photos to the real photo paper♥sleep well and enjoy my long and peaceful breakfasts in an empty home♥listen to the birds and watch the annual fight between a squirrel and a magpie in front of my window♥smell fresh flowers♥ride a bike and feel the wind blowing through my hair

 ♥feel the heat under my feet♥enjoy the midnight sun♥celebrate the midsummer with my friends♥eat self made cheesecakes with berry toppings♥play the guitar♥sip hot chocolate drinks and lattes outdoors on those warm summer evenings♥let my inner child enjoy the life itself♥avoid arguing as much as I can♥climb up the tree and a hill♥

 ♥lie on the cooling grass♥get my motivation and strength for the autumn to come♥make sure that I accomplish the things I decide♥I won't be alone when I don't feel like it♥I hope I will have luck in lottery♥want to have colorful nails every day♥try to skate and not fall♥take care of my hair with argan oil♥

♥make sure that my skin is moisturized every day♥listen to the songs that make me dance♥start looking for the potential dance classes again♥feel free, be free♥enjoy seeing the blue and bright sky every morning♥try to see the beauty in waking up to the work every day and night♥wear red lips

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