Monday, April 8, 2013

A new hairc(a)t

My beautiful little sister Sabina, visit her blog by clicking her name :)!
Both shirts from H&M, the one that's on me is from GT. I just got to get them... my inner animal is happy when I wear them... :D

Such a beautiful day it is, don't you think? I was at the hairdresser (Mari) this morning at In-diko in Mikkeli. I decided to cut 5 cm's off and do the light layering all over my hair. It was time to rescue my hair and give it a needed kick for summer. It feels so much better now! After that we went to Rami with my mama, dad and Sabina. We were so hungry that we didn't even want to go shopping with them :D!

I decided to go running after we arrived home and that feeling... The sun, fresh air, the views and those Nikes... It felt like running on soft pillows or clouds. :) Our day didn't end there because we got this really absurd idea to make cupcakes out of cauliflower, peanut butter, coconut, banana, mango, dark cocoa powder, agave syrup, vanilla, baking powder, egg whites and protein powder... :D Sabina wasn't the biggest fan but to me they taste like heaven O.o! ...and I'm still eating them!

Today we decided to hit the gym together and it was really nice to be there with her! We were killing each others and those two hours passed really quickly by moaning and sweating. When I came back I ate 10 muffins and my protein smoothie... It was a good morning! I hope I can walk tomorrow... :)

PS. I can't stop listening to the Imagine Dragons and their songs... This is one of my favorites! :)

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