Wednesday, April 10, 2013


A early morning in no hurry, sun was shining in and I couldn't stay in bed after 9 am. Love feeling like this as soon as I wake up. 
My morning oats, sooo yammyy! To make them you need: Organic milk, a hint of salt, a hint of allspice (real name Pimenta dioica), 2 tea spoons of real cocoa powder (Fazer Cocoa Ögon, CocoVi etc...) and some organic honey! It's really good, and if you need more protein just add some protein powder in it OR smash boiled egg whites in it! ). 
Time to go to the Uni - we got our first real Lab notebooks for this course we are about to start next week. I would love to decorate it but it's against the policy... :( DAMN! I have decorating all notebooks, books, calendars...  
This girl decided to go to the grocery store to buy more food... Hmmph :D It was nice to carry them and I didn't even use plastic bags :) I never use them- real shopping bags are much better, cheaper, better looking and an ecologic option! :)
 Ps. I´m really excited about testing that FAST Creme Caramel Pudding... :) 
Reading Coelho's book while waiting for Anni to go to the gym together... :)
Recovery drink after our arm-back day... We had a pretty good workout together!  Now I have to go to the shower and then eat a last meal :)

A bed time :)
At one point I decided to order a potential dress for Sabina's prom on June and new training tights from NELLY.COM. I can't wait to get the package! I still don't know which shoes to wear with the dress... Or even which bra because I hate wearing the ones you just stick on you as much as I hate having only one real and long training pants, these are definitely needed big time. :D

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