Thursday, April 4, 2013

Food mantra

I have been thinking about this maybe for a year now and now I have reached my decision! I have decided to start writing also in Finnish after my English section. Bosnian would be also a good choice but my posts would just be too long- I hope that you all can speak English and understand me! :) I can make an exception if the posts are short... :) and a exception if the posts are too long- this one will be only in English!

There is one thing that is really pushing me back with my style of eating. When I´m home I have all the things  I need for making healthy and delicious foods, I have all the ingredients to make my food variable enough each week and exciting at the same time. I´m the one who is in charge what's in my fridge and how I prepare  what ever I´m eating- I´m also the one who decides when to go grocery shopping and makes sure that I don´t run out with different and essential ingredients. When I go to my parents house or anywhere else I loose my grip - I just can't find anything I need, and if I do find at least few suitable things there's always something missing... and I hate that from the bottom of my heart. That's when I can't keep my eating rhythm and I totally loose my desire to cook and eat.

I think this is a powerful message to us all - you and I have to make sure that where ever we are we have the basic things there too, especially if the place is among those you want to be often at. That's why I´m challenging myself and you too to make sure that you are able to keep up with your style of living and that others appreciate you at least that much that they are willing to support you. For ex. me and my sisters are nagging constantly to out parents to make sure that there is always olive oil in the fridge, beef and chicken meat, veges and fruits, organic non- homogenized milk, oats, rye bread and eggs... I hate it when I leave my place and go to Mikkeli on Friday, open the fridge and see almost nothing- why? Because they have their own "days for grocery shopping" ! Don't be the person with strict patterns you can't be flexible with! If you notice that your patterns are not working any more- change them for your own best!

My guidelines?

- Buy the essential ingredients if you notice that the bottles, packages etc are almost empty! Don't wait for the morning you wan't to prepare a oatmeal for a breakfast and then notice that the package was already empty last week. That's self sabotage. 
- Make a food plan for at least three days to come and make sure that you have EVERYTHING you need for those three days. If you have no car/bike/bus then buy food for two days and make sure that you can carry them.
- Have ingredients like oats, eggs, protein powder, frozen rye bread, olive oil, frozen berries, frozen meat always at home - when you come back home from your trip you have something to eat!
- Make sure that you have healthy snacks and water available at home and always something in your bag if you are having a long day at work/school/train...
- If your parents don't do the job/you are visiting your beloved one, friends, cousins, grandma - buy some ingredients you can leave there too- if you have your own pack of oats waiting for you with your name on it  you can be sure that you will be able to continue your life journey there too.
- Make a list of supplements you need for the person who is in charge with shopping, the best solution would be to go there together. 

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I'm trying to follow those guidelines too, I will make sure that I have my food there too because it really is a  big turn off to even think about travelling to Mikkeli if I already know that I could manage better in Kuopio. I really have to change that because I don't want to be the one who hates visiting someone because the things are much more difficult there. They should not be- it's our choice not to do anything to the things that are bothering us. I returned one of my school papers back just a moment ago from my Nutrition studies. I´m considering about going running tomorrow after I arrive to Mikkeli even though my legs are still sore from yesterday... + Guess what! I managed to get a job to Sabina and Yasemin, and it really made my day! I couldn't be any happier now! Yes a good power run would just suit me perfectly at the moment! Go and take your first steps outdoors early tomorrow and charge your day with some good energy from that power ball on the sky! :) 

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