Monday, January 23, 2012

My choice- Haavisto

This post is about voting. It´s time to choose the best man to be the next president of Finland. My vote is going again to Pekka Haavisto. If you are thinking why Haavisto and not Niinistö, go and read POSTS about the subject from this blog called Kaikki Elämästä. That's a link to one of them. I really think that the president has to be a nice person, good in his job and the one who has really DONE something for the world and the people who live in bad conditions or are suffering. President should not be the one who knows everything about the money (this should not be the main criteria), the best position for Niinistö would be the Minister of Finance if you are thinking like that. Haavisto is my choice because of all the reasons the blogger in Kaikki Elämästä says. I can´t really say much more than go and vote, and think before you do that what´s best for everybody. I think that I can´t really express myself in English about this stuff but if you understand finish language, just visit the blog above and look through the other posts about the same subject. You´ll see how the media in here is making sure that the only thing we know about Haavisto is that he is gay and "ecologist"... but there is so much more !

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