Monday, December 24, 2012

A story time


A new peplum shirt from Lindex. I love it!

 Here I am working on a christmas eve. I don't mind having a 9,5 hours shift at all because it will end at 6.30pm and I will have enough time to go to the gym and then watch "Once Upon a Time". I love the way people are at least once in a year in a good spirit! Makes my day even better when I not the only happy one :). Even more complete it will be after going to thr gym today too!

I have had such a great week here. I have spent it mostly with my lovely family and friends. I was so excited to see Sanni on Friday. We decited to go to Amarillo instead of Parnells this time. It was really nice to catch up again. After a while her friend Aino came there too and we headed to Emma where we met a bunch of others. We had planned to go out but because everyone was either hangovered or dead tired we just watced a movie before heading to the bed.

Yesterday consisted of les mills bodypump and bodybalance workouts with my Sanni. I left from the gym in a little rush so that I could pick up the keyes and meet Elina after that. We decided to eat something before making a little tour in shops... I got myself a new blender. Kaboom!

Now I must continue working this hard before I can go to the gym, take a nice hot coconut bath and relax at the sofa to all xmas programs and eat ginger breads that I made yesterday - Happy Holidays to everyone!

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