Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting ready....

I decided to put one of my old photos here. I really liked that cut on my hair. I have to go to cut my hair again but I´m totally afraid of going to the hair saloon. They always cut too much, make my hair look like I´m the singer in some rock band and then they even style it totally wrong making my face look really round. I really have to find a good hairdresser who knows what she/he is doing and has ears. I don´t want to make this hair any shorter than it is in this picture but I still want that they make it light, thick and take off all the bad ends they can. I have to stop cutting my hair on my own- I do it if I found too many split ends... I had school today and I had to walk 4kms. Then I met Minna and we went shopping together. Now we are getting ready to celebrate girls "pikkujoulut" at Anni's place. It´s going to be hmmm.... interesting because a product demonstrator is coming there too from HotLips... Girls, girls, girls... :D


  1. Alex T. keskustassa tai Blanko niiralassa..?:)

    Oon kuullu ainaki hyvää noista..:)

    Olet niin kaunis, ääh oon kateudesta mustanruskeanpunaisenvihreä..!!;D

    -Toinen TerBio-fuksi..;)

  2. Oukkei :D mpitää sinne koittaa uskaltaa siis! :D mustanruskeanpuanisenvihreä... kuvastaa mun polvea tällä hetkellä, toivon että ei siua :) ! :D hahaa nyt on arvoitusta mulla taas kun saan pohtia kuka olet :D!

  3. juu pohdi vaa ;D helpotusta: oltii sillo fuksien tutustumisillassa siinä samassa ryhmässä ku leikittiin niitä tutustumisleikkejä tms..:))