Tuesday, January 31, 2012

-30 and everything turns to the palace of the ice queen

It´s pretty cold in here now, when I go out my eyelashes turn to white, my face frosts so that it´s hard to smile widely, my nose and throat get sore of breathing this cold air. Luckily I´m not feeling cold anywhere else (ok ok my legs if I´m out for too long periods). But you know what.. It´s just absolutely amazing and beautiful! I love winter when it´s looking like this and the sun is shining and everything is just white and breathtaking. I´m going out soon, I have to go to the library and visit the grocery store. I just have to eat my breakfast and get myself ready. I forgot to show you this silver bracelet my mama gave me two weeks ago. I love it :) Ps. look at those trees!

.. oh and did I mention yet... I´m sick again! Haha.

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  1. Ollaan samaa aikaa kipeenä <3 Kui kiva :D Ja näyttääpä ihanalta nui puut. tääl iha samanlaista mut -20 :DD haha