Tuesday, December 11, 2012

EUROTRIP 2012 - PART 5- First week in Sarajevo

Daily breakfasts at our balcony in Sarajevo. Our meal varied a lot, but day never started without Nesquik/Milka drink and Cappy orange juice, it´s the best orange juice We've ever tasted. Because of the forest fires all over the southern Europe the sky wasn't as deep blue as it could have been, because there were no clouds during the month we stayed in there... no clouds means no rain, no rain means sun and sun means hot. It was +30 degs even during the nights...

A beautiful city center, can you imagine that this town was totally destroyed before 15 years ago?

A place we got used to... A pharmacy. Later about that :D

E and the new outfit in our corridor...It was so nice to climb those stairs...+ The best accessorize during the month was the Jana water bottle.

Home sweet home, and converses... sweet converses. H bought two new pairs of them, high light yellow and low white ones.

An old Bezistan - a market place. It wasn´t open during the siesta.

The legendary Sarajevo pigeons... They were all over the place. Even that one looks like a missile...

A great shopping center 500m from our home. It had this place called Office Breakfast and Bar Lounge, where we had to go every second morning to eat, do the grocery shopping etc. If we needed bread we bought it from the bakery that was located maybe 50m away from us. And little shops and Cafes where located all over the place. People in Bosnia are used to going out for a cup of coffee at least once a day. That´s what we did too, but more often than just once a day... :D

H's round face and wide smile... :)) It was really nice to be out during the siesta time, because it was much easier to take photos that way!

And fresh peach-orange juice this time :)

When compared with their Finnish relatives these were quite ugly looking crows. Like the ones from all horror movies! O.O

 Old town... and siesta :)

It was just so welcoming... :) But this place also reminds us of one old grandpa who definitely looked like something is not okay with him... in addition to that he was well... pleasing himself in front of everyone... :) 

What did we say? 

In one Cafe again :)

Look at that enormous nutella jar ! 

Then it was time to go to Vapiano Sarajevo to celebrate me and my boo :) H took spidy crawfish dark eco-pasta. It was delicious!

 E took chicken-penne version

 Bosnian food only- Cevap/Cevapcici, Bosnian football cup T-shirt and Vucko the mascot of Sarajevo's Winter Olympics -84!

Slasticarna- means confectionery in English. You can even order Egyptian ice cream... :) That´s dead good!

Evi eating Cevapcici in Somun, Somun means pita bread that is Sarajevo's speciality, in other towns they put it between a pita-bread called Lepina. It tastes and looks a little different, but we prefer Lepinas! In Sarajevo people even try to argue that lepina is the same thing as somun, but it´s not. They know the difference even in Croatia and other towns in BiH haha :D

H only ate the chicken and the vegges. (I hate french fries and most of the white breads bade of whey.. - H.) 

At Sebilj! The famous "pigeon tower" in Sarajevo. :) You can drink the water from it, because it comes from the natural springs.

E in old bazar.

And again, a new outfit!

I love those lamps! 

Getting ready for the evening!


A late night snack... :) H ate one and E finished the rest... :D

Sarajevo's fire in honor to the Yugoslavian army 1945. It never burns out.

From the main mosque called Gazi Husref Begov's mosque.

The clock tower.

And finally, new glasses by Alain Mikli made of real crystal. They are hand made in France, bought at Oculto. 

We arrived to Sarajevo in the early afternoon by bus. We took a taxi to our place but guess how well it really went. First we couldn´t open the door downstairs. When we managed to get in after 15 minutes of swearing it was time to remember which floor it was... 7th floor if you count the windows, number 6 stands on the corridor and you have to press the button 5 in the lift..? Or was it...? We even tried to get in the wrong apartment... :D Well at least we got in and no one pressed charges against us! 

It was just so relaxing to be on this road trip. At this point it had just started, we were still white like polar bears and really excited about everything. Our first goal was to get new glasses to E because she broke her old ones in Zagreb. After that we had a lot of time left. We woke up every day to the sunshine and went straight to the balcony for a breakfast and internet... It was the only spot we found a free wifi connection when we were home... :D Sometimes we went to the nearest shopping center to the breakfast too but usually the shopping center or the city center Cafes became places where we ate our lunches and every other meals. Food was great and cheap, plus the ingredients are usually organically-grown, the meat is always fresh and the veges, fruits ans juices too. If you want to eat something you can almost certainly find it from somewhere.  We chose not to eat rubbish and fatty foods nor drinks when it came to our meals. (Well, at least H decided to. Evi was eating cevapi and pizza almost every day.) But we did eat desserts, chocolate and ice creams, desserts that we chose were always something better than the normal cakes made of white sugar and flours you can find from the stores. They were delicious! *slurps*

The best thing we knew was to wonder around the city, visit all the Cafes we could, pet the cute dogs and cats on the streets, visit different bars and enjoy Sommersby ciders, meet friends and go shopping in different stores. It was really refreshing! We went to the book market also to get something to read. H bought Paolo Coelho's Zahir and E one episode of Vampire diaries (<- one of the best TV series ever! To books however are not:D). Before we even knew it was already time to pack beach bags and get prepared for Split! We were just so lucky to be able to leave a bunch of the stuff in there! It would have been totally impossible to carry all of the stuff with us... :D 


  1. Aivan ihania ja valloittavia kuvia! ♥ Raikas Balkanin tuulahdus ;-) Ja volim Balkan<3