Saturday, December 1, 2012


This is not a christmas tree, it´s a new year's tree! Because we don´t celebrate christmas, we still do celebrate new year's eve! :) It´s one of the most important days in a year to me. Our tree is not ready yet. It still needs lights and more decoration. :) We bought those little "shekerichi" because they look so cute on it! :D (a type of candy we call shekerichi :D)

In Mikkeli again, I went in Rami twice during this weekend. The first one was with our cousin Elvisa and sis. Sabina. The other with our family. :) I bough myself little something from GT and The Body Shop ( a mineral deodorant- I look like a dog that smells it own armpits all the time.. I love that smell and I can´t stop doing this! O.O).

Trees... Lights... I love this time of the year :) 

Hello guys, I´m feeling great. :) I hope you do too. This winter is beautiful, I love these lights, our new year's tree, Fazer's christmas and gingerbread chocolate, gingerbread pastry, mulled wine, warm knits and ice skating! I´m so thrilled about everything! I have three exams in two weeks, one essay and one gradu analysis  to do but I´m sure everything will go well. :) I can spend another week in my real home, and I´m really excited about it :)! I´m planning on going to the gym tomorrow. Fressi Fit- class and after that on cross-sprinter at the gym... :) One thing that is not ok is my skin on my face! I know that it is hormonal this time but still... :D It just irritates me to have pimples when I do nothing else to get them... :) 

- Herminica and her pile of "oukkidoukki Lotta's" in her lap... :)


  1. Pratim vašu sestru pa me ona sada dovela i do vas. I vas dvije ću sigurno pratiti :)
    Prelijepe ste :)

    1. Haha, to je nasa Bince<3 :) Hvala ti puno Lejlo! :)

    2. :*
      I imam samo jedno pitanje..pitala sam te na nekom tamo postu ali vidim da mi nisi odgovorila :(
      Koji aparat koristis za fotografije? J li u pitanju samo telefon ili neki aparat? Slike su fenomenalne..oduševljena sam :D
      Koristiš li neki program da ih urediš ili..?

    3. Pogledaj onaj drugi komentar opet! :) Tamo je sve :D!

  2. lijepa lijepaa :) bas vam je fina atmosfera zimska! nadam se da ce i kod nas biti puno snijegaa za novu godinu :) :*