Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some dentist fun

Thank God my camera had that dirty spot on it´s lens... I look like a Mr. Bean (ok I don´t but the molds always remind me of Mr. Bean?) except that the "mole" is on my forehead.

Chocolate... Me and my sisters took care of these... :D

A TV serie I´m addicted to at the moment... My days have passed by watching this is my bed.

Something I had to buy... and something that will inspire me the next year :) I hope it will be even better than this one has been!

Something new for my home... A sneak peek ;) The rest is still on my to do - list.

I was at the dentist on Tuesday. They removed one wisdom tooth. I didn´t even notice when he pulled it away, but the anesthesia was that effective that it even paralized my nostrils. :D Well I have been bleeding since then and I´ve refused to take any pain killers. Luckily it doesn´t even hurt like the menstruation pain does O.O right? The very best thing is that I am not allowed to exercise any day soon now, but I think that I will try to go to the gym tomorrow... But maybe not because I haven´t been able to eat normally so I have no energy to enything physically demanding... Lucky me I just arrived to Mikkeli today and left my non-broken guitar to Kuopio. My second one has to get the new strings... :) At least playing it is not something that can pop up my stiches? Haha I doubt that... because the amount of excitement that I have now... is enormous. I can´t stop smiling even if it hurts... :)

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